Trial in Italy for Silvia, Costa e Billy in january 2016. Let’s use it as an occasion to reinstate the struggle against environmental destruction!

The 17th of July took place the preliminary hearing against Silvia,
Costa and Billy in Italy. The three have been previously arrested and
jailed for several years in Switzerland, accused of having organized an
act of sabotage against a Nanotech Lab under construction under the name
“Earth Liberation Front Switzerland”.  The 15th Of April 2010 they were
stopped and arrested by Swiss Police who, searching their car, found
explosive devices and leaflets claiming the action.
In Italy they have been now indicted according to the article 110 of the
italian penal code, which is used to punish crimes of association.

Particularly they’re accused of having conspired together to design and
plan the action in Italy, to have illegally obtained the materials
needed to assemble and prepare the explosive devices and to have
smuggled between the italian and swiss border such devices.
All the charges are aggravated from the ‘purpose of terrorism’,
historically used in political trials in Italy to obtain long pre-trial
detention, and longer prison sentence if found guilty.

The judge for the preliminary hearing accepted the thesis carried out by
deputy prosecutor Enrico Arnaldi Of Balme and found irrelevant that the
three activists have been already tried and convicted in the Swiss

The trial will be January 13, 2016 in Turin. Let’s use it as an occasion
to reinstate the struggle against environmental destruction!

In occasion of the trial the three comrades are facing an hard time and
several expenses, they’ve shared a call for  support and any help is
much  appreciated. Donations can be forwarded to: Conto Corrente Postale
intestato a Marta Cattaneo  IBAN: IT11A0760111100001022596116 –  Codice
BIC BPPIITRRXXX. Please write : donation in solidarity with Billy, Costa
and Silvia. To have more info on the case and get updates visit www.

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